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The decision to ditch plastic straws seems easy, but it’s also easy to forget your intentions. A cool drink on a hot day, a fast food meal when you’re in a rush … plastic straws are everywhere and using them can be an automatic reaction.

If you ever buy drinks, chances are you are using plastic straws and throwing them in the garbage without even thinking about it. The best way to stop using plastic straws and contributing to this massive pollutant is by finding your own way to replace them. Just like most of us are now accustomed to shopping with our own reusable shopping bags, there are options for reusable straws as well as compostable single-use straws. Here are some popular options for replacing plastic straws if you’re not ready to drink straight from your cup:


  • Bring your own cup: Go a step further in reducing waste by carrying your own reusable cup with straw and using it in place of disposable cups. Get a cup you really like, so you will be encouraged to use it.

Easiest of all? Drink from the cup. But then many of us have reasons we like straws, from convenience while on the go to personal hygiene considerations.